FK JMX8T PTFE Lined Right Hand Thread Rod Ends 1/2″ ID


FK Precision Series JMX8T Male Right Hand Threaded PTFE Lined Rod Ends – Sold Individually

  • Outside diameter – 1 8/25″ 
  • Internal diameter – 1/2″
  • Male Right hand Thread – 1/2-20
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FK JMX8T PTFE Lined 1/2-20 Right Hand Thread Rod End 1/2″ ID:

FK Precision Series (JMX) Rod Ends:

The FK precision series Rod Ends (JMX-T) are high quality PTFE lined Rod Ends (part numbers suffix “T”). The rod ends are a 3-peice construction designed with strength in mind. Male rod end load ratings are based on rod ends with no lubrication fittings.

JMX series Rod Ends have a ball made of hard chrome plated 52100 Steel, with Rc 56 MIN hardness. The race is made of a heat treated, chromate treated and zinc coated,  alloy steel.

These bearings are well suited to race applications.

JMX8T Critical Dimensions:

    • Outside diameter – 1 8/25″ 
    • Internal diameter – 1/2″
    • Male right hand Thread – 1/2-20

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