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Bel Ray Molylube – Anti-Seize Compound 400gram Caulking Cartridge

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Bel Ray Molylube – Anti-Seize Compound 400gram Caulking Cartridge

Bel Ray’s Molylube an incredible anti-seize compound and is Mike’s personal choice for components requireing outstanding corrosion and galling protection.

Bel Ray Molylube Info:

Bel-Ray’s Molylube Anti-Seize Compound is a non-melting, organo-clay grease with 40% of molybdenum disulfide, or moly, and graphite lubricating solids.

A virtually waterproof oil, it provides excellent rust and corrosion protection for assembled parts. Bel-Ray’s Molylube was originally used as moly-additive for improving ones existing automotive CV grease but racers have found it works much better when used entirely on its own.

Bel-Ray Molylube is excellent at preventing galling and seizing at high temperatures where traditional CV greases fail to protect CV components. Molylube is well suited for off-road racing CV joints, where the operating environment is harsh and the heat build up is an issue.

Other technical features:

  • NLGI 2 A non-melting anti-seize lubricant designed for Extreme Pressure heavily loaded applications requiring low breakaway torque.
  • Virtually waterproof.
  • Useful temperature range -184ºC to 399ºC (-300ºF to 750ºF).
  • Mineral Oil ISO VG 460 Bel-Ray Molylube is offered in a 14.1 oz/ 400g Caulking Cartridge (to be used with a standard size caulking gun).
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