NEO 12.5oz HPCC1 H.P. Calcium Complex CV Grease


NEO Synthetics HPCC 1 High Performance Calcium Complex  Grease – 12.5 oz Jar:

HPCC 1 is designed for oscillating and linear mechnisms/ couplings including cv joints and sealed bearings. HPCC 1 is intended to handel shock loads, speed variation, and frequent axial movements.

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NEO Synthetics HPCC 1 High Performance Calcium Complex CV Grease – 12.5 oz Jar:

HPCC 1 CV Grease Description:

NEO HPCC Number 1 Grease is a premium, 100 percent synthetic lubricant specifically designed for linear and oscillating mechanisms, as well as various couplings like constant velocity couplings (CV joints) and sealed bearings. This exceptional grease offers unparalleled performance, ensuring smooth operations under the most demanding conditions.


The outstanding capabilities of NEO HPCC Number 1 Grease make it the ideal choice for heavy-duty applications. It can effortlessly handle heavy shock loads, frequent axial movements, large speed variations, and frequent reversing. The secret lies in its composition, which includes a higher molecular weight synthetic base stock, allowing it to endure extreme temperatures without compromising its lubricating properties.

Moreover, NEO HPCC Number 1 Grease exhibits a remarkable resistance to water washout, even in harsh environments like rain or saltwater. This property ensures its reliability and effectiveness in various weather conditions, making it a perfect fit for dusty and wet climates alike.


Designed for severe sliding, skidding, and rolling contact, NEO HPCC Number 1 Grease is ideal for heavily loaded ways and guides, slow-moving large diameter ball and roller bearings, as well as journals and linear and oscillating mechanisms. Additionally, it is an excellent choice for Constant Velocity, Articulated, Knuckle, and Universal Joints, as it can withstand intense shock loading, radial forces, and high torque transmission.

This high-performance grease finds a home in demanding environments such as Military Mobile Equipment, All-Terrain Vehicles, Armored Troop Carriers, and Commercial Off-Road Construction equipment. Furthermore, it can be safely used on sensitive metallurgy, including copper, silver, tin, aluminum, and their alloys.

Speciallty Applications:

NEO HPCC Number 1 Grease excels as an anti-seize agent, offering protection at temperatures as high as 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. Its versatility shines through as it serves multiple purposes, from assembly and spline lubrication to being ideal for cam lubrication, jack screws, fasteners, logging hammers, outboard bearings, and launch grease. Moreover, it performs exceptionally well in pump and valve lubrication, especially in moderately hot, corrosive, and wet environments.

HPCC 1 Specs:

  • Classification: N.L.G.I Grade 1 1/2,
  • Colour: Moly Gray,
  • Subject to normal manufacturing tolerances.
  • Base Oil ISO Viscosity: 500
  • Viscosity Increase at 100°F: 10.5 percent (72 hours)
  • Unworked Penetration at 77°F: 330
  • Worked Penetration at 77°F: 300 (60 strokes), 260 (60,000 strokes)
  • 4-Ball EP Weld Load: None at 800 Kg Load (Wear Index: 160, Wear Scar: 1.72 mm, 800Kg, 10 seconds)
  • Endurance Wear Scar: 1.45 mm (500 Kg at 900 rpm, 5 minutes)
  • Evaporation Loss at 300°F: 1.4 percent (300 hours), at 400°F: 2.1 percent (72 hours)
  • Oil Separation: 5.0 percent (Cone Method, 30 hours at 350°F, FTM Standard 791-6, 321.2)
  • Oxidation Stability: Less than 4.0 percent (D942 Pressure Drop, 400 hours)
  • Dropping Point: 600°F
  • Pour Point: -18°F
  • Flash Point: 600°F
  • Fire Point: 650°F
  • Density at 60°F: 9.11 pounds/gallon

Experience the pinnacle of lubrication technology with NEO HPCC Number 1 Grease. Its exceptional performance, resistance to harsh conditions, and versatility make it the perfect choice for your critical applications, ensuring smooth and reliable operations. Choose NEO HPCC Number 1 Grease for unmatched results and the utmost satisfaction.

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