Shock Servicing, Repairs, Re-Valves and Re-Springs

Mike’s Shock Shop has years of experience servicing and looking after all major shock brands. Whether it be touring vehicles, 4×4’s, offroad race cars or semi trucks Mike’s Shock Shop has taken time to refine the suspension tuning. With a wealth of experience in the high quality suspension and racing the Mike’s shocks service team offers shock room services for all major brands, such as King, Fox and Icon. Available services include:

  • Vehicle Specific valving and spring changes to improve any issues you have with your ride quality due to changes in vehicle weights or usage.
  • OEM Shock Servicing for all rebuildable shocks using the best quality seals and oils.
  • Shock absorber repairs on both Race and OEM rebuildable shocks.
  • Comprehensive race shock servicing for all race shocks (Coilovers, Bypasses, Internal Bypasses, Bump Stops).
  • Race Shock Tuning. This can be done based on your vehicle and driver feedback or at race events where Mike’s Shock Shop is present. Please contact us via email if you require on track race vehicle tuning as there is limited availability.

Book Your Shock Service

With years of experience in the high quality suspension and racing the Mike’s Shocks service team has whats needed to take your ride to the next level. Mikes Shock Shop offers comprehensive shock servicing, re-valves and repairs for all major shock brands including KING, FOX and ICON. We can accept shocks via post or drop off. Book in for a re-valve, re-spring or service below to give your shocks the best chance to perform kilometer after kilometer.

If you are in the area and have a vehicle in need of new suspension, ride height or ride quality correction or have shocks in need for a service we can help. Check out or in house hoist services, including suspension installs and ride quality maintenance.

If you own a Ranger Raptor and wish to lift it or improve the way it handles a load Mike’s Shock Shop offers full Ranger Raptor packages that re-valves your factory FOX Internal bypasses as well as increases your ride height. If you already have a raptor with a spring kit on it we also offer re-valve packages without the springs. Check out our Ranger Raptor services page via the link below for more information on the benefits of a re-valve as well as booking information.

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