FK WSSX14T PTFE Lined Bearing 7/8″ ID


FK Wide Series Precision (WSSX14T) Bearings:

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  • Outside diameter – 1.6259″ 
  • Internal diameter – 7/8″
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FK WSSX PTFE Lined Bearing:

FK Wide Series Precision (WSSXT) Bearings:

FK Bearing’s WSSX series is FK’s wide series which has a 17-4 Stainless Steel heat treated body that is Teflon (PTFE) coated. This WSSX14T UniBall also features a 440C Stainless Steel heat treated ball. The Spherical Bearing is commonly called a Uni-Ball or Mono-Ball in the off-road industry. This type of Commercial Bearing is now commonly used as a replacement for a Ball-Joint on upper and lower control arms. Uni-Balls can be control arm and mis-alignment specific. If you are unsure that this part is correct for your application we suggest measuring your existing Uni-Ball currently installed. Obtaining an accurate measurement will require removal of the Uni-Ball from the cup.s.

WSSX14T Critical Dimensions:

    • Outside diameter – 1.6250″ 
    • Internal diameter – 7/8

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