AIRBAG MAN Helper Kit Holden RG Colorado 2012-20


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AIRBAG MAN High Pressure Airbag:

This High Pressure kit is made for Colorados that see Heavy Towing and/or are being loaded to Maximum Allowable Weights.
The Airbag man airbags are fitted over the leaf springs to provide load carrying assistance, helping maintain ride height and road dynamics. The airbags can be are easily inflated or deflated to cater for the vehicle loading using an external air compressor or one of the numerous onboard air systems available on the 4×4 market.


  • 2x Airbag Man airbags

  • Vehicle Specific Airbag Mounts

  • 2x Inflation Valves

  • Air Line Tubing + Air Fittings

  • Instructions

Kits are available to suit:

  • Standard Rear Ride Height (loaded)

  • 40-50mm Raised Rear Ride Height (loaded)


  • Rear Height Measurement, see note for measuring information
    • To check height measure from hub centre to straight up to wheel arch, then choose the matching Kit – jack the car up to the desired ride height if necessary, for more information 0n ride heights and suspension options contact Mike’s Shock Shop.
  • Suits 4×4 and 4×2 high rider models

Fitment Time:

  • 120 minutes

If you have any questions contact us today on [email protected] or place your order online!!!


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