Zoom Innovations Gear Stick Extension – 79 series LandCruiser


Mike’s is proud to supply Zoom Innovations new Australian made gear stick extension to suit the 79 series LandCruiser. It is the perfect solution for those who find the short factory gear shifter uncomfortable.


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Zoom Innovations’ new gear stick extension might be just what you need in your 79 series LandCruiser. For such a well designed 4×4 vehicle, many find that the gear stick is too short making the shifting position awkward and uncomfortable.


Luckily, Zoom Innovations’ 79 LandCruiser gear stick extension is a safe and incredibly easy way to fix this problem. The extension threads straight onto the factory gear shaft and the factory gear knob then screws firmly on top of the extension. In doing this it raises the shifter up allowing your arm to sit in a more natural, ergonomic position, therefore making it much more comfortable for the driver.


This gear stick extension is perfect for those who want to raise their gear shifter for a more comfortable shifting position during city driving and on long hauls. The gear stick extensions also works perfectly for those who need to correct the height of the shifter when modifying seats, seating positions or any other modification that causes the shifter to sit too low in relation to the driver.


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Make Model Year
Toyota Landcruiser 76/78/79 DPF+ 2016 - 2022
Toyota Landcruiser 76/78/79 Pre DPF 2007 - 2016
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