Ford Ranger Raptor Services

Ford Ranger Raptors come with propriatary FOX twin tube interal bypass coilover shocks designed for the Ranger Raptor. Those with a ranger raptor know that they have a fantastic ride quality from factory. However, this can quickly be compromised when the car moves away from a stock or empty format.


There are several companies that offer spring packages for the Ford Ranger Raptor. These re-spring kits can return heavily loaded vehicle to factory height, or raise the vehicle. The problem with these spring kits is that they don’t address the changes in ride quality due to the increased spring rate or change in piston position, inside the twin tube internal bypass, when lifting a ranger raptor.


Mike’s Shocks has years of experience and inhouse expertese. This alowed us to quickly develop the tooling required to diassemble, re-valve, service and repair Ranger Raptor shocks. Increased ride height changes shock piston position and increased spring rates change ride characteristics. Re-valving best allows us to deal with these issues without expensively overhauling the shocks design. If you have a Ranger Raptor and you;

  • need to consistently carry heavier loads,
  • want to lift the vehicle,
  • have damaged or leaking shocks in need of a service,
  • have purchased a spring kit from a company and are now dissatisfied with the ride quality you bought a raptor for,

Mike’s Shock Shop can help. To book a full in house package, send your shocks to us or book any other mikes service click below. If you wish to know more detail about Ranger Raptor internal bypass’s and why a ravalve is important, continue reading.

More Info on Ranger Raptor Shocks:

Twin tube internal bypass shocks, such as the Ranger Raptor, have a series of holes specifically placed along the length of the internal cylinder. Put simplistically, these holes allow the hydraulic oil to bleed around the piston. This changes the level of rebound or compression damping experienced at different points of the shocks stroke.

The shock pictured is not a Ranger Raptor Shock. It is for Reference only. This picture shows a piston in the ride zone, this is where ford has specified their factory ride height to be in order to provide the most comfortable ride under normal driving conditions.

For example, at the raptors factory ride height, hydraulic oil is allowed to flow around the piston more easily. This lowers the damping force of the shock, in the ride zone, giving a smoother ride for general driving. In comparison, at full bump (i.e. when hitting a washout offroad) oil bleed is restricted and compression damping is maximised. This allows the shocks to absorb as much force as possible over the longest period of time possible, before hitting the vehicles hard bump stops.

Intuitively, when a ranger raptor is lifted its new ride height when driving around town is greater than before. This moves the piston out of the center of the ride zone (more shock shaft is showing at ride height). This change in piston position in relation to the factory designed bypass zones negatively effects the vehicles handeling. On top of this, lifting a vehicle or increasing a vehicles ability to carry loads within its GVM, requires changes in spring length and spring rate. These are also factors that affect the ride quality of any vehicle with any shock absorber.


Mike’s Shocks has spent a massive amount of time refining the valving of every brand of shock absorber, for every vehicle and every different set up for those vehicles we sell to Australias ever growing 4×4 scene. Improving ride quality and taking your ride to the next level is what we do. For several years now we’ve had the capability and know how to re-valve ranger raptor shocks, so get the best ride your raptor is capable of with our spring, revalve and service packages.

If you are need of a re-valve, shock service, repair or re-spring on any brand of rebuildable shock, you can drop or mail your shocks to us. Check out our comprehensive shock service and repairs page for more information and bookings.

If you are in the area and have a vehicle in need of new suspension, ride height or ride quality correction or have shocks in need for a service we can help. Check out or in house hoist services, including suspension installs and ride quality maintenance.

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